Remote Working

The new normal

Working from home may suit some more than others, but as lockdown forced employers to turn their staff into remote workforces practically overnight, it has given serious food for thought. Remote working is possible on a far wider scale than many companies may have considered.

Whilst there are as many positives as negatives on both sides, it seems that those of us who can work from home, should do so for the foreseeable future.

Going back to the office is relatively easy from a supply of technology point of view but when you think of available space, social distancing, desktop and surrounding hygiene, telephony, sharing of kitchens, milk, tea, coffee, toilets, security access buttons and lifts, it becomes a major logistical exercise in planning.

Remote working continued

Now we are in it for the long haul, it’s time to think about what’s working and what’s not working so well.


Where broadband connections are poor, there are a number of things that could be affecting it and some simple steps may improve it. Ethernet cables can be used to hard wire your connection rather than relying on Wi-Fi. It’s important to remind people to secure routers by changing passwords from the ones that arrive on the back of the router.

Cyber Security

There are always two sides to Cyber Security: technology and staff awareness. Virtual Private Networks are the most secure way to link to the internet. Staff need frequent reminders of good basic security, the recent scams to look out for and not to click on anything that looks unusual. It’s important to have a strong password policy that is revised regularly.

Data Protection and Privacy

Special attention needs to be given to where you work at home and in the garden. Where you share space try to hold conversations where they can’t be overheard or position your screen where is can’t be seen by onlookers. Special screens can be provided so that information is hard to see unless you are sitting in front of it. Headsets prevent full conversations from being overheard.

IT Equipment

In the rush to remote working, many employees may be using their own private devices. Security and productivity will improve if they have up-to-date, dedicated work devices and there is no sharing of personal and work platforms.