Christchurch Dental

We work with dentists, doctors and healthcare providers supporting them run what are normally very busy practices. One of the most vital issues for them is patient privacy and secure data storage for the all the patient records they hold, sometimes dating back many years.

It’s also vital to ensure there are no interruptions of service when patients are being seen.

We met Christchurch Dental in 2015 when they were struggling with accessing their technology all the time. We worked quickly to stabilise their systems and transitioned them to Office 365. We also work closely with their software provider to ensure they have the best systems for storing their patient records.

We have also made a longer term plan for gradual evolution as the practice expands and technologies update with more speed than ever before.

Other vital aspects of our role are:

  • Helpdesk and 24/7 monitoring
  • Implementing and maintaining anti-virus and security
  • WiFi
  • Managing small business servers and virtual servers
  • Purchasing hardware and software
  • PCI Compliance (Credit card security)
  • Cloud based systems
  • Implementing and maintaining Office 365 accounts

Within this industry, it is important that we remotely manage systems to identify any issues and resolve them quickly and effectively so that there is little or no interruption of service or treatment.

HeronIT, Ipswich, provide a full range of IT services, including Office 365 technical support, and to organisations throughout Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, London and nationally.