Orwells Furniture

When we met Orwells Furniture in 2015, staff were having to stop three or four times a day to reset their IT systems. Often ‘crisis management’ is a key part of our initial work with a new client. Our priority is to provide a stable IT environment so that teams can work without this kind of interruption.

We begin with an audit of existing systems and learn about all the issues users are experiencing. Then we work on a cost-effective plan.

As a small furniture company, design is at the heart of everything Orwells does. Designers always choose Macs rather than PCs and why wouldn’t they. Orwells also had a Mac server and were using Mac mail which sometimes created issues when liaising with PC based clients and suppliers. Now using Office 365 for Mac, all these issues have been ironed out.

We’ve also joined Design, Sales and Workshop using fibre optics.

Now Orwells Furniture can concentrate on creating beautiful designs for their discerning clients.

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