Moving From a Traditional Phone System to VoIP Saves £8,000

Following our recent work on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Systems, BC Designs asked us to transition them from a traditional system to a VoIP set up.

VoIP gives much greater flexibility than ‘antiquated’ systems, allowing users to set up different voicemails, organise ‘hunt groups’ and forward calls out of hours amongst other features. You can also take a handset and work from home more easily.

We have now implemented the new system for BC Designs and saved over £8,000 per year on phone lines and calls.

Due to very rural and remote location limitations impacting on our client’s internet availability, we also set up a SIM connection to vastly improve reception. This saved them a further £840 per year on internet costs.

The benefits of VoIP are manyfold but a large consideration for this and any business is the huge cost savings we’ve achieved.

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