Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Need an IT Strategy

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IT strategy may not always be the top priority for small businesses who have other, more immediate concerns. However, it is just as important as any major order or customer. Here are five reasons why you should always invest in a proper IT strategy.

To Maintain a Competitive Edge

Small businesses need to make sure they aren’t wasting any money, time or energy by either buying the wrong equipment, or not making sure it’s properly serviced or upgraded. Every penny of your IT budget – if you have one – needs to be spent wisely. There is far less room for manoeuvre compared with larger firms and multinationals.

To Plan for the Future

IT strategy isn’t just about dealing with the here and now, but also about planning for the future. Introducing a rolling programme of maintenance, repair and replacement will allow you to get a greater grip on your costs, which is particularly important for SMEs.

Before you invest in any new equipment, try a cost-benefit analysis. Is it possible to get your existing IT upgraded with new software? Are there any high-tech solutions out there which might work better for you? And will it have the potential for expansion that you might need it to?

A good IT strategy should provide the answers to all these questions.  To be truly effective, your strategy needs to be revisited and, if necessary, revised on a regular basis.

To Dovetail It with Other Parts of the Business

Your IT equipment may not be a direct income generator, but it still needs to be integrated with other parts of the business. Is it fit for purpose and doing all you want or need it to? Are your computers, laptops and phones the same make, specification and age all across the company? If not, wouldn’t it be better if they were?

And there is a human aspect to this as well. Is the IT manager invited to all the other departmental meetings to ensure they know what’s going on and can help your business achieve its goals?

Setting out a proper strategy will help ensure that, as far as IT is concerned, everyone is on the same page.

To Prepare for a Worst-Case Scenario

Everyone hopes there will never be a breakdown or a catastrophic loss of data, but it does happen. It can take the form of a power cut, a virus attack or a simple malfunction of the equipment. A loss of information can be costly not just in terms of time, but because of the ever-more stringent penalties for not complying with the law and the requirements of GDPR.

Therefore, an effective IT strategy should include a disaster recovery plan so your business can continue to function. This can involve adopting the so-called ‘3-2-1’ approach where you keep at least three copies of your data. Two of these should be stored on different media or systems, and one of them should be located away from your main place of business.

It’s About People as Well as Equipment

IT isn’t all about hardware and software, but about people as well. If you don’t have an IT manager, who is responsible for dealing with any breakdowns? And who is responsible for making the business compliant with all the GDPR legislation?

At Heron IT we put people at the heart of any IT strategy. We are happy to work remotely, so if anyone has an issue with any of your computers or laptops, we should be able to sort out the problem without even coming into the office – which avoids tying up one or more members of staff.

Another of our key areas of operation is our GDPR support and training for companies across East Anglia. We can offer client packs or workshops to ensure you meet all your legal requirements.

Let Heron IT Help Set Your Company’s IT Strategy

At Heron IT we can help all types of small businesses with their IT company strategy, whether it’s working in partnership with an existing manager, or operating completely independently.

Our services include regular audits and health checks of equipment, sorting out budget allocations, dealing with any essential staff training, and ensuring you have the right tools for your business. Our expertise in IT procurement means we will be able to source the right hardware and software for you at a competitive price.

If you would like to know any more about our services, follow this link and fill in the online form, or call our Suffolk office on 01473 350444 or our London number on 0203 026 2441.