Frustrations of Working from Home

Kieran Lowe, Commercial Property Lawyer
Aquabridge Law

How often have you been stopped in your tracks because your IT wasn’t working as you expected? Isn’t it worse when you are not even in the office where there might be another computer to use, or someone there who could help you?

Like so many others, Kieran Lowe works from home due to COVID restrictions. He called us when he lost connection to his shared drives meaning he couldn’t access key documents. When working remotely the VPN connection sometimes doesn’t work automatically as it should. We placed a registry key on Keiran’s computer to point it in the right direction and allow the drives to be accessed. This meant Keiran was back up and running quickly.

We recognise that sometimes a “basic” IT problem can be a major issue for our clients and our aim is always to tackle these problems quickly and effectively.

In this case, Keiran was very grateful that we solved the problem and felt it was a “job well done”.

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