We’re Hiring!

We are looking to fill an IT Technician’s role and thought we would start by interviewing Arty Fissial of ChatGPT to see how AI could help us. Here is a transcript of the interview, with Arty being in blue. Please stay tuned for an official job posting!

Hello Arty, welcome to Heron IT. My name is Colin and I am the Managing Director. Would you like a glass of water or anything before we start?

Please start off by telling me a little of your background. For instance, where were you born, where do you live now?

Does it take a long time to train you as an employee?

How much salary would you like, and would we have to pay NI and pension?

Would you be happy working in a hybrid environment, so sometimes in the office and sometimes at home?

Can you visit our clients?

What can you bring to our business and how can you benefit our clients?

Which tasks don’t you like doing?

Will you need supervising?

Can you write your own employment contract for us?

When can you start?

Thanks we will be in touch.

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